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W. A. Pattillo High School

National Alumni Association, Inc.

Trailblazer Award Inductees

The Community Trailblazer Award, a meritorious service award in the areas of education, business, public service, community support and religious services, recognizes, celebrates, and honors an individual or a group, alive or deceased, who has made a significant contribution to the East Tarboro/Princeville communities through special involvement or outstanding achievement in specific areas of the community and/or professional life. Nominees must have been born in East Tarboro/Princeville or must be a current or past resident of the East Tarboro/Princeville communities. Nominees should be a present or past visionary, a dedicated leader and/or a volunteer who is doing or has done documented extraordinary work in addressing critical issues in the community.

Mayor Delia Wood Perkins, W. A. Pattillo High School, Class of 1960 - 2020 Induction

Mr. Bernard Dunn, W. A. Pattillo High School, Class of 1963 - 2020 Induction